Logan’s (my sister) tips for a safe holiday weekend

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In response to my mother, who told us to stay safe and wear sunscreen:

Stay safe: My degree is in Safety and Health Management, trust me I got that under control. As long as I have my BFF (vodka) I’m pretty much invincible and for some reason extremely creative.

Stay sane: I will insure a dose of vodka every 3 minutes will keep a healthy mental balance.

Drink water: I always do, vodka sodas with a lime. I hit the basic food groups; vodka (it’s essential to keep my liver at peak filtering performance), soda water (water, enough said) and a lime (fruit!). Got I’m all covered, no worries here.

Wear sunscreen: A nice layer of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil with 4 SPF is a given. I don’t leave home with out it. You get best of both worlds; a golden tan (which is important to succeed in life) and sun protection (I don’t want skin cancer. Those nasty looking cancer marks don’t really go with my bathing suit.)

So don’t worry Mom, you have taught me the important aspects for keeping a safe, happy life. Thank you!

Tyler HurstLogan’s (my sister) tips for a safe holiday weekend

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