More tales from my sister…

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My sis can’t say the letter ‘G’ very well. She pronounces ‘giraffe’ as ‘draft’ and we can’t get her to even say ‘Geraldo’.

So what happens when they new lady’s name starts with a ‘G’? Hilarity.

“Who is my new disability management representative at you ask? Well her
name is Sandi, Sandi Grafalo and we both support the same organization
for safety and health issues, so we work together a lot and go to the
same meetings. For most people that’s not a problem but for me…’s
a huge problem! Why? GRAFALO!!!!!

“What’s Sandi’s last name?”
No Grafalo.
“Drafalo with a D?”.
No Grafalo with a G.
“oh Grafalo!”

That went on of about 5 minutes in one of my meetings today! I’m just
going to spell it instead of saying it. Stupid Grafalo what kind of name
is that any way?”

Tyler HurstMore tales from my sister…

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