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We get what web 2.0 is. It’s about us, talking to ourselves.

But it’s time to talk about what’s next. Now that we have a flood of information coming at us from every angle, we need filters. Smart ones, not dumb filters that can’t think for themselves, but constantly adapting methods of giving us ALL the data we need and none of what we don’t.

Not that we have a clue what that will really entail, of course.

But dammit if we’re not going to try.

For lack of a better name (so help me god we don’t keep naming them x.0), let’s call it Web 3.0. Robert Scoble calls it the 2010 Web. Or we can just call it what’s next.

Web 3.0 Smackdown. November 24, 11am MST.

Tyler HurstSmackdown on BlogTalkRadio

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