Podcasting–Advertiser’s Dream

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Why in the hell aren’t you podcasting? Yes, I know it’s time consuming and yes, I know the cost is mildly prohibitive and yes, I know that editing isn’t easy. If that seems too hard for you, try the next best thing.

Advertise on podcasts.

Podcast listeners are usually more affluent, more influential and more informed than many media consumers. Why? The very act of finding podcasts is an easy indicator. While iTunes has done a decent job allowing for easy subscribing to podcasts, there really isn’t any sort of overarching directory that rates them.

Lots of podcasts are terrible. Poor editing, poor equipment and a lack of any sort of direction. But those that are successful are usually very, very targeted.

As a business, why aren’t you involved with this highly-targeted medium? Bet the advertising costs are pretty low.

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Tyler HurstPodcasting–Advertiser’s Dream

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