Is MillerCoors Advertising Ridiculously Sexist?

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MillerCoors ridiculous sexist Smith & Forge is an embarrassment to the industry, but after their take on Miller Fortune, I’m not surprised.

Tyler HurstIs MillerCoors Advertising Ridiculously Sexist?

Before Tosh.0, there was Daniel Tosh

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(This article was originally published for Ignite, a pocket-sized publication produced by the same team responsible for kontakt. I got a good chuckle reading it, as the differences between writing for print and the web, along with my own improvement since 2006, are very apparent. I’ve edited it only to replace URLs with hyperlinks.) Daniel Tosh doesn’t think he has … Read More

Tyler HurstBefore Tosh.0, there was Daniel Tosh

The Domino Project

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I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s books. I love his style of writing, connect with many of his points and feel like I’ve gained something every time I read my favorites. Whew. I had a hard time admitting that. You see, one point that has really stood out for me from any Godin piece is the idea that we … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

The Domino Project

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I have no idea what the Domino Project entails, what I’ll get from it or what kind of time commitment I’ll be asked to make. But I want to do it anyway. Opportunities to be a curator for insightful, relevant content (that’s what I think it is) along with the ability to help share ideas that make things better don’t … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

Letter after the Linchpin meetup

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Received this letter the night I hosted the Linchpin meetup at Gangplank. She worked for a former client of mine whose contract with me ended abruptly. I’ve changed the company name, but the rest is her. Made me feel good and bad at the same time. Subject: Saw you on TV tonight Hello Tyler. I am not sure if you … Read More

Tyler HurstLetter after the Linchpin meetup