Letter after the Linchpin meetup

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Received this letter the night I hosted the Linchpin meetup at Gangplank. She worked for a former client of mine whose contract with me ended abruptly. I’ve changed the company name, but the rest is her. Made me feel good and bad at the same time.

Subject: Saw you on TV tonight

Hello Tyler. I am not sure if you want to hear from me but I will start off by saying I am sorry for what took place with Company X. As you know I was the accounting dept for Company X and did what I was asked to do. Well let me just say that I was fired this morning. I guess they got out of me all that they wanted and decided to bring another in. Maybe it was my asking for more money or perhaps fussing about the other employees that goofed off and did half the work I was doing but for more pay.

I did listen to the news report and understand what they were saying. Every since I sold my business back home 9 yrs ago, I have regretted it. I have worked for others and been unhappy. I have been asked to lie and falsify documents, I have been fired if someone took a dislike to me (more so here in AZ, seems they take that ‘at will’ too far) and I just seem to be in this rut or repeat cycle of working for 7-10 months for a company till they are done with me.

I fear I will be living in my car as I was around this time last summer before being hired at Company X. Just seems unfair at times.

Anyway, dont want to drag this on. Just wanted to tell you that it was an interesting news cast and you are doing great things bringing people together that are not satisfied with their jobs.

Thank you.

Tyler HurstLetter after the Linchpin meetup

3 Comments on “Letter after the Linchpin meetup”

  1. Lawrence

    Wowser. If she is in accounting, there is no question she can go out on her own. There are many people leaving the corporate crap she dealt with to become entrepreneurs. Many of these people will need accounting advice and bookkeeping. I hope she keeps her head up!

  2. Brett

    Somewhere, Seth Godin is smiling. Big.

    Here's hoping she ends up doing the accounting work for some of the people at that Linchpin meeting – that would be all too fitting.

    Regardless, awesome story. Here's hoping the next thing she did after writing to you was pick up a copy of Linchpin… I bet that would inspire her quite a bit.

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