The Domino Project

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I have no idea what the Domino Project entails, what I’ll get from it or what kind of time commitment I’ll be asked to make.

But I want to do it anyway.

Opportunities to be a curator for insightful, relevant content (that’s what I think it is) along with the ability to help share ideas that make things better don’t always come quite so gift wrapped.

This one did.

I applied today and I very much hope I get it, but I have a request for you: please apply. If I don’t get chosen, I want someone else that’s awesome, and that’s exactly what most of you are. If I don’t get it, I want to know that the position is in good hands.

So apply here. Let’s make sure someone from our tribe, from our group, gets in.

If you know someone awesome, send them this link:

If you think I’d be good at this, please, tell Amber Rae!

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

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