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I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s books. I love his style of writing, connect with many of his points and feel like I’ve gained something every time I read my favorites.

Whew. I had a hard time admitting that. You see, one point that has really stood out for me from any Godin piece is the idea that we are all responsible to and for ourselves, and that needing direction wasn’t as bad as taking it. I’ve held two Linchpin meetups and loved both, so when I saw a chance to be part of the street team for his new Domino Project, I jumped at the chance.

And honestly, I didn’t feel out the application as diligently as I could have. I was direct and forthright and didn’t embellish like I think most people would. I even ignored a few of the questions and “answered” with questions or declarations of my own. It wasn’t complete gibberish, but I didn’t expect to get picked.

And then WordCamp came around, I found out a job I interviewed for in Chicago was being offered to someone else and then I agreed to help a current client write the draft of a book, so I forgot about it.

Besides, Amber Rae Lambke, the project head, knows me. She probably sees me as a jerk, as I’ve never talked to her in person. I’m an unfiltered jackass most of the time. Nobody wants a guy like that on their team, but they certainly don’t want me to be on another team, either.

Suffice to say, I didn’t expect to get picked. But then I got picked. One of 75 people from around the nation chosen to be rewarded for things they probably would have done anyway. I was going to be part of the street team in charge of letting the world know about how self publishing works and how to better connect author and readers.

I’m not the only one from Arizona. Jeff Moriarty was chosen as well. That’s right AZ, Jeff and I are your representatives on a national stage working on a project that could change publishing forever. Betcha didn’t see that coming.

After looking at the bios from many of the other members, I’m starting to think of myself as wholly unqualified. Plenty of published authors, people who work for big companies, producers of TEDx events in war-torn countries, organizers of African peace movements and established experts in their fields were on the list, and I saw no one with qualifications like picks fights online, writes on a bunch of blogs that his friends read and isn’t a jerk once you get to know him, except me.

But we were on the same team, so I must bring something valuable to the table. So…thank you. Thanks to everyone who reads my drivel, all those who keep me on my toes and every one of you who has hated me at one time yet somehow can’t quite quit me. You’re all pretty awesome. They chose me because of you and you should be proud of that.

But seriously people, this is all your fault.

This is the first book. It’s available for pre-order, so go ahead and click on this link to buy it now because we both know you will eventually.

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

16 Comments on “The Domino Project”

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  2. Elizabeth

    Good for you! Stop being such a Debbie Downer. I totally get like that: “I’M AWESOME. Why don’t people get how awesome I am? Wait, you’re rewarding me for being awesome? You’ve clearly made a mistake because I’m not. This is embarrassing. I don’t deserve this.” Knock it off and revel in it. 90% of all people who are held in high esteem are really just good at tooting their own horn. (I just made that statistic up.)

  3. Mohit Pawar

    Hey Tyler, good to know you and looking forward to rock it with you and other exciting folks. Really like – Opens bananas like a monkey – from your bio. Keep rocking…

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