Is your industry boring?

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It takes a lot to keep people’s attention these days. From the constant onslaught of poor economic news to a never-ending stream of hate spewed from every political angle and sites like AZCentral providing updates seemingly only concerning the weather, immigration or whatever accident sells better, it feels like doom and gloom sells.

Is that because we’re mostly bored? Are we so desperate for something to entertain us that we’ve turned into a group that not only expects bad news as the status quo, but has come to expect it?

At least in the online world, I think so. I know the old mantra of “if it bleeds, it leads” has been proven popular time and time again, but I can’t shake the feeling that there should be something more. Especially here in Arizona, where the economy is bumping along the bottom. But since this negativity gives us a common enemy to root against, perhaps this rather unproductive, but obviously popular, line of news about our state is exactly what we deserve.

I’d like this not to be true, but it seems anything less than a negative slant is the only thing that gets anyone fired up these days. Hell, the most popular post in the past two weeks on this very blog was me telling PR people exactly what I thought they weren’t doing.

Maybe that was the wrong approach. Maybe it’s just me that’s bored with how things work, but I can’t help but think that kind of approach can not only work, but foster stronger relationships and help to understand each other a little better.

At least life won’t be boring.

Tyler HurstIs your industry boring?

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  1. Irving Fisher

    Thanks for the ‘bumping along the bottom’ link. Quite informative, and one you won’t read on the front page of today’s paper, which is all a-ga-ga about stars or something….

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