Time For Cider Riot!

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Hello, blog post reader! Get every post for free by subscribing to my RSS feed via email or reader. Wanna talk cannabis? Check out my podcast.You’re back! Ready for the Burning Bush podcast? iTunes link. As cider grows more popular, it’s easy to cash in on the wave. Cideries will be born, books will be written and blogs will be … Read More

Tyler HurstTime For Cider Riot!

Why I Drink Cider

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Last night, while attending Willamette Week’s Best Of Portland party, I was re-introduced to Stella Artois’s cidre (that’s cider in the U.S.) for the second time. My initial reaction was one of disappointment, as I didn’t understand how a party allegedly meant to celebrate Portland featured a mass-produced drink that isn’t even from this country. After bitching to Martin Cizmar, … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I Drink Cider

What Is Hard Cider?

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I have a confession: when I first started drinking fermented apples with either hops, carbonation or neither or both, I called it hard cider. Why? Because most people think cider means spicy cinnamon drink served in the fall, usually with some sort of holiday-themed cookie. But the answer to what is hard cider is easy: it’s called cider, thank you … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat Is Hard Cider?

HipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

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It’s almost time for HipCider. Months of research (drinking), weeks of prep (writing about drinking) and days of photo shoots (taking pictures of bottles I drank) are adding up to my first real book…ever. I’ve been infatuated with cider since my November 2012 arrival in Portland, and after I saw 1500+ people show up to a CiderFest at a local … Read More

katiehurstHipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

Welcome to HipCider

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The first book, “HipCider: Beginner Guide to Cider in Portland” was published in June 2013. You can purchase the ebook from Amazon.com. Please pardon our dust as we build out the site with lots more cider knowledge…coming soon.

Tyler HurstWelcome to HipCider

Thri(survi)ving Arizona

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The first version of this post was bitter and biting. The second was funny. The third was an attempt at martyrdom. The fourth version read a lot like Karlie Hustle’s. The fifth version — the one you’re reading — is far less of a goodbye post than I planned to write. It’s impossible to say goodbye and mean it in … Read More

Tyler HurstThri(survi)ving Arizona

Postcards From Gaping Void

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a Gaping Void fan. From prints to tshirts and books to Facebook Fan Pages, I’ve been part of Hugh MacLeod’s tribe for quite some time now. I dig his attitude, his approach to work and his ability to make people feel. That’s where his new postcards come in. This iOS app makes sending a … Read More

Tyler HurstPostcards From Gaping Void

Urban Tea Loft Says So Long

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I first met Glynis at ScottsdaleCamp many years ago. She was eager to connect with tea lovers, really liked sharing online, and loved to tell her stories. Katie and I have been to Urban Tea Loft for lunches, special event dinners, and Katie had our post-wedding brunch in their VIP room. It’s always sad to see a local business close, … Read More

Tyler HurstUrban Tea Loft Says So Long

I Am A Writer | YouAreAWriter.com | By Jeff Goins

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Motivational books have always seemed wasteful to me. As are most declarations, protests that don’t involve at least the threat of violence and the idea saying something out loud is somehow more meaningful than thinking or typing it. I’ve always associated these sort of practices as faith-based, religion-heavy figments of other people’s imaginations that they used as crutches to feel … Read More

Tyler HurstI Am A Writer | YouAreAWriter.com | By Jeff Goins

My Own Little Corner Of The Internet

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Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void released a book last week. Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear is part manifesto, part love letter and part, well, I haven’t figured that out yet. In my own little corner of the internet, I’m king and servant; royalty and commoner. The first read disappointed me. While Hugh’s first two books were great, this one … Read More

Tyler HurstMy Own Little Corner Of The Internet

Give a ball, get an AZ Diamondbacks experience

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I’ve been a baseball fan all my life. I’ve attended countless Mariners games at the Kingdome, too few at Safeco, five-ish Spring Training games a year for nine years, and 30 or so Diamondbacks games. I’ve sat in the nosebleed seats, on the outfield seating grass, behind home plate and feet from the dugout. I’ve been in press boxes, clubhouses, … Read More

Tyler HurstGive a ball, get an AZ Diamondbacks experience

You Are A Writer | Jeff Goins | Book Review

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People like Jeff Goins piss me off. They say things* like: Choose yourself I started over and it was worth it! It takes more than talent, it takes hard work! I am fabulous and obviously better than you because I did this thing! Being helpful is more important than being clever. It’s enough to make me want to hire a … Read More

Tyler HurstYou Are A Writer | Jeff Goins | Book Review

Wordcamp Phoenix 2012

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After attending Wordcamp Phoenix 2011, and hearing from multiple sources it was not only the best WordPress conference but best Phoenix-area conference they’d ever attended, I felt bad. Not bad in that I didn’t have a good time, because it was great. I gave a short presentation, attended a bunch of sessions, met some cool people and left with a … Read More

Tyler HurstWordcamp Phoenix 2012

Why I’m a Lemonade Detroit Supporter

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Volunteering for worthy causes is fantastic. It’s honest work, it usually involves some sort of physical labor (yay exercise), and it gives both the volunteer and those they’ve helped a good feeling. But sometimes volunteering isn’t enough. Sometimes people need food or shelter, money or jobs. Sometimes we have to open our wallets a little bit to help those who … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I’m a Lemonade Detroit Supporter

People V. the State Of Illusion Opening (almost) Nationwide!

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Now that Austin Vickers’s debut film will open nationwide in select cities (beginning March 2012), it’s time to share more about the profound impact this movie had on me. In my original review, I talked about the realizations I’ve made about life and how I planned to fix them. As part of this process, I agreed to attend Austin’s one-day … Read More

Tyler HurstPeople V. the State Of Illusion Opening (almost) Nationwide!

Ingrown Toenail Surgery & Post-Op Care (w/ pictures)

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(The images shown here may be graphic to some or my hairy, bloody toes may offend you. If you’re worried, stop reading right now. For a look at what complete toenail removal and what getting that infected is like, click here.) My name is Tyler and I’ve been in an abusive relationship with my nails for as long as I … Read More

Tyler HurstIngrown Toenail Surgery & Post-Op Care (w/ pictures)

Tweet 100,000

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I grew up wanting to be a writer, but it seems I’m more suited to be a tweeter. Never did I think I’d care much about past tweets, but now I’m very curious to read what is my online diary for the past four-ish years. Bet you’ll see a lot of funny, a lot of angry and a lot of … Read More

Tyler HurstTweet 100,000

Thoughts on 100k Tweets

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Need an excuse to meet friends for a rocking Happy Hour? No? Good. Wait, someone does? Okay, this Thursday from 4:30pm until whenever Nick Bastian and I will be celebrating #TD100k at Monti’s in Tempe. Let’s talk SOPA/PIPA, what a loudmouth you think I am or even about Monti’s owner Michael’s run for Tempe mayor. Or you can just show … Read More

Tyler HurstThoughts on 100k Tweets

Thoughts on SOPA & PIPA from a Napster kid

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I was a Napster kid. Me and the rest of my frat brothers lived in the house that Paul Allen built in Greek Row on the Washington State University campus, which gave us access to the only T-1 line not controlled by the school. And because the server running the entire Greek system was in our attic, we had complete … Read More

Tyler HurstThoughts on SOPA & PIPA from a Napster kid

Destiny whispers softly

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“My mentor taught me that destiny whispers softly. It does not shout. It is not a bully, pushing us where we don’t want to go. It quietly nods to the choices we make. Over time, the consequences of these choices shape our destiny.” Mollie Marti, page 163, Walking With Justice I’ve never had a mentor. The closest I’ve come was … Read More

Tyler HurstDestiny whispers softly

Had I Died Today

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Turns out my reaction was, in part, caused by chronic stress stemming from PTSD thanks to an incident from 1999. Articles like this are a great way to understand my reactions to situations over the years, which has helped me get better. But if you’re coming here from r/portland, you’re not here to read this part, anyway. Have fun misinterpreting … Read More

Tyler HurstHad I Died Today

Momentumer Than Elizabeth Newlin

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Loved Elizabeth Newlin’s breakdown of her run so much I wrote my own. As part of my training for Tough Mudder, I run four miles 2-3 times a week (increase .5 to 1 mile each week) and run 1.3 miles barefoot and do the Tough Mudder workout twice a week. I’ve gained a bit of weight (both muscle and fat) … Read More

Tyler HurstMomentumer Than Elizabeth Newlin

What Happened To CenPhoCamp?

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I’m seldom completely satisfied with the work I do and what I ship. There’s always something that could have been done better, could have been started earlier and could have been promoted more. My life has been filled with rough drafts turned in as final copies, last-minute scrambling being good enough and a general sense of ‘I did the best … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat Happened To CenPhoCamp?

Steve Jobs, Imaginator

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Whether you liked him or not, let him or not, Steve Jobs changed the lives of everyone who bought Apple products, and even those who bought competing ones. My love for Apple products has changed my life; whether it was igniting my interest in tinkering with computers at my dad’s print shop in 1986, making my living using Apple products … Read More

Tyler HurstSteve Jobs, Imaginator

We Are All Weird – So Can You!

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Swami who bought a solar lantern (read the book!)

Facebook is an average service built for average people. Microsoft makes products for mass consumption. Apple tries to get consumers to conform to their visions rather than the other way around. Milk company promoters have somehow made us believe that milk is necessary our entire lives. Each of these groups sell their wares to masses of normal people (or provide … Read More

Tyler HurstWe Are All Weird – So Can You!

A meaningful life – State Of Illusion Movie Review

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(I’m sure that blog posts like this are the reason my dad thinks I don’t have more clients and am not more successful in business. That being said, I don’t know of any other way to get this stuff out and I feel an obligation to share. Granted, this isn’t as inspiring as most of the other real writers I … Read More

Tyler HurstA meaningful life – State Of Illusion Movie Review

15 minutes of fame with Torch Theatre

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You can learn a lot watching yourself perform on a stage. From cadence to word choice and body language to wardrobe, it’s fascinating to see how others see me. At the end of July, I performed with Torch Theatre regular (part owner) Mack Duncan and retired improv-er Heidi Watson as part of the Cerebus Cup, which takes place every month … Read More

Tyler Hurst15 minutes of fame with Torch Theatre

StorytellersAZ Podcast

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Thanks to a little motivation from the Domino Project, my goal of hosting and producing a podcast has FINALLY been reached. Thanks to all the guests/hosts we’ve had so far. No idea why the episodes are numbered incorrectly. iTunes link

Tyler HurstStorytellersAZ Podcast

All stars and social media on ABC15

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Was part of a piece that ABC15’s Kirk Yuhnke did on how MLB uses social media. Felt it was required that I wear my new hat from my brother.

Tyler HurstAll stars and social media on ABC15

A-Listers still don’t care about you

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The announcement of and the invite to Google’s latest attempt at social networking brought with it hopes of an internet utopia: users sharing specific, relevant content to groups divided either by relationship to or shared interest. Finally, I could share tech news with those I consider business associates, pet pics with my family and x-rated comments and images with my … Read More

Tyler HurstA-Listers still don’t care about you

All-Star FanFest Walkthrough

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Fun time-lapse video I made as part of the DPJ’s All-Star Week coverage. First time I’ve done a walkthrough with a video camera and first time I used the time-lapse functionality on the GoPro. Background music is 0805 from Idiotape. South Korean band that played at SXSW 2011.

Tyler HurstAll-Star FanFest Walkthrough

Accidental Creative Review

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It feels wrong realizing how easy it is to make things harder on myself. Putting things off, starting new projects and avoiding tough tasks all make for a guilty feeling whenever I go to bed not having finished what I’d hoped to that day. I sit here today with less than 7k words to write in a book I’ve been … Read More

Tyler HurstAccidental Creative Review

Startups, Startup Weekend and failure

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Starting a business is hard. Running a business is even harder. Starting a business in one weekend is damn near impossible. But I just watched 13 teams develop ideas into real-world, viable models in right around 54 hours. Local food, NFC-enabled business cards, writing lessons for kids and a new way to bring back that old birthday excitement highlighted the … Read More

Tyler HurstStartups, Startup Weekend and failure

Be f***ing awesome to someone today

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I don’t care who it is, who you are or who you know. I don’t care if you’re successful, poor or scraping by. Doesn’t matter if you’re usually a jerk or always get picked on. Makes no difference if you’ve never volunteered or always volunteer. Be fucking awesome to someone today. Could be your cubicle buddy, car pool pal, the … Read More

Tyler HurstBe f***ing awesome to someone today

Grammarly – Write Gooder

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I’ve never taken a writing class, have little clue what most grammar terms mean and prefer logical punctuation over the nonsense American method. While I make my living as a writer, I freak out when another writer reads or mentions my work. I have no idea what they’re talking about when they use grammatical terms. Dangling preposition? Uh… Too many … Read More

Tyler HurstGrammarly – Write Gooder

Self Reliance (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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I love the words, love the axe and love the overall message of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self Reliance, the third book released under Seth Godin’s Domino Project (I’m a member of the street team). I wanted to love this entire book, but I just can’t. Perhaps my digitally inclined, ADHD-addled brain just can’t process long-form writing much anymore or perhaps … Read More

Tyler HurstSelf Reliance (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Hangover Live Blog

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I’ve never seen The Hangover. I don’t know how it ends, but I do know who’s in it, that there’s a baby involved and that Mike Tyson likely punches someone. Because I’ll be watching Hangover 2 at a bachelor party in a few weeks, I figured it was time to get 2009’s most popular comedy under my movie-watching belt. If … Read More

Tyler HurstHangover Live Blog

Bad PR—will Phoenix please stand up?

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A few months ago, I wrote about Jason Hope of JAWA and his alleged text messaging scams on the now-retired Valley PR Blog. I bashed The Lavidge Company for their involvement, but nothing came of it. Now, after what I think were attempts to bribe me to remove the posts and the Facebook, Google and Burson-Marsteller scandal, I figured it … Read More

Tyler HurstBad PR—will Phoenix please stand up?

It’s okay to be selfish

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Today, I gave $5 to a gas station clerk and instructed him to apply it to a guy named Bradford (Army reservist?) in fatigues. A few days ago, I was offered money to retract public criticism I’d made about a local tech company’s owner. Instead, I told everyone I know about it. I’ve given money to Lemonade:Detroit, The Torch Theatre … Read More

Tyler HurstIt’s okay to be selfish

Thank you, Yuri Artibise

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You may not know Yuri Artibise, but you should. He’s a policy wonk. He’s an activist. He cares more about a country that he’s not even a citizen of than most of us. A few months ago, Yuri ran ItsUpToMeAZ, a full-day conference designed to get the right people together to save Arizona. He invited Valley leaders, change makers, business … Read More

Tyler HurstThank you, Yuri Artibise

Digital etiquette – how rude are you?

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The first time I met Steven Groves, I thought he was a bit of a jerk. We were at the first REBarCamp, and he approached me just after I entered through the main gate. He walked up, we shook hands and he started talking while I pulled out my iPhone to reply to a buzz. Steven did not keep talking … Read More

Tyler HurstDigital etiquette – how rude are you?

Would You Pay To Read This Blog?

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The era of free is over. It was a good run and I hope everyone learned a ton, but the idea that information/entertainment is sustainable solely through advertising is dead. In most cases, that is, unless you have hundreds of thousands of readers, the page views most sites attract won’t produce the click throughs and ad rates necessary to sustain … Read More

Tyler HurstWould You Pay To Read This Blog?

Content Marketing Workshop by Vertical Measures

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Google just updated its search algorithm. Named Panda, I have no idea what it stands for, what it means to my search results OR how it will affect content production. But Arnie Kuehn and Vertical Measures do, and they’re willing to show you at their Content Marketing Workshop on April . It’s a full day of content strategies, development and … Read More

Tyler HurstContent Marketing Workshop by Vertical Measures

Donate a kidney, save a life…get fired?

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(Update: Amy’s surgery isn’t scheduled until April 19. I’ve amended the opening paragraph to reflect such. This is why you shouldn’t write provocative stories without a few hours of research, everyone. Thanks to Si Robins and Amy Donohue for the correction.) Local comedienne and former Gannett Local employee Amy Donohue recently donated a kidney to a woman she’d never met. … Read More

Tyler HurstDonate a kidney, save a life…get fired?

Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) on small business, social media and The Thank You Economy

Tyler HurstReview1 Comment

I’m not much of a celebrity fan. I don’t follow them on Twitter, I don’t watch them on TV and I generally avoid seeing them speak. Even most of the “web” celebs typically annoy me, as they mostly have become caricatures of themselves, spewing the kind of duh garbage they would have ridiculed years ago. Perhaps this is part envy, … Read More

Tyler HurstGary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) on small business, social media and The Thank You Economy

Roll In For Japan

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We have pop-up restaurants, so why not pop-up events? Roll In For Japan is over two hours of two dozen restaurants and local businesses helping raise funds for the Grand Canyon Red Cross and the crisis in Japan. Roll In For Japan, to be held March 30 from 6-9pm, is asking $20 at the door, to be given directly to … Read More

Tyler HurstRoll In For Japan

Jason Hope’s (JAWA/Cylon) lawyers send cease and desist to AZDisruptors

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Oh, these incident regarding Jason Hope of JAWA/Cylon’s alleged text messaging scams are getting a bit more interesting. It seems Hamid over at AZDisruptors has grabbed the attention of their lawyers for continuing to make allegations against Hope and company. They sent him a cease and desist letter. In this letter, they outlined a few things – Hamid’s statements rose … Read More

Tyler HurstJason Hope’s (JAWA/Cylon) lawyers send cease and desist to AZDisruptors

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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I know when companies are trying to sell me. I can also tell when TV shows and movies go far out of their way not to. And I usually don’t care. Bills need to get paid, and when it comes to events, websites and tons of TV shows, advertising pays them well. I’m so okay with advertising that I’d honestly … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Greatest Movie Ever Sold

How To Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide (book review)

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This book pissed me off. While I’m only near halfway through, I absolutely loathe this book. The smug satisfaction, the elitist attitude and the nonchalance that the author displays when documenting his (mostly true…I think) failures hit me in the only place that I have little protection. My id. This book makes me feel exactly like I think I would … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide (book review)

How To Handle Bad Press

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Online rumors can never, EVER be put back in the bag. Try as the PR world might, eliminating the source of negative allegations against a client is an impossible task. The Lavidge Company, representatives for the recently accused Jason Hope of JAWA/Cylon, has drawn the highly unenviable work. While I certainly didn’t expect them to follow any of my previous … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Handle Bad Press

Is Jason Hope (JAWA/Cylon) A Scam?

Tyler HurstValley PR Blog

You’d think this kind of operation would be handled overseas, but local boy Jason Hope of JAWA has been accused of running a home-grown text messaging scam right here in Scottsdale.

Tyler HurstIs Jason Hope (JAWA/Cylon) A Scam?

Rebecca Black Ain’t No Quack

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Oh, YouTube. You’ve given us Justin Bieber, the guy who just wanted Britney left alone and now Rebecca Black. For those able to avoid the Internet for days at a time, Rebecca Black’s music video (in only the most literal sense) Friday has blogs, geeks and music fans in quite a tizzy. Produced by Ark Music Factory, who claims to … Read More

Tyler HurstRebecca Black Ain’t No Quack

Gaping Void’s Evil Plans (book review)

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There’s nothing truly groundbreaking in Hugh MacLeod’s new book, Evil Plans. No secrets to a four-hour work week, no promise of a life lived unconventionally and certainly no instructions on how to deliver happiness. But MacLeod’s understated brilliance doesn’t lay in those areas. MacLeod’s most important point in his entire novel can be found on pages 75-79. This chapter, “Find … Read More

Tyler HurstGaping Void’s Evil Plans (book review)

Facebook contests – what are they good for?

Tyler HurstValley PR Blog3 Comments

I usually abhor any kind of Facebook contest. While I have zero issue with the companies that run them, as I know they are trying to get their fans to promote their products, after participating in my first one ever, I’m a bit disappointed in the process. First, a bit of background: PopChips offered $50k for one “VP of Pop … Read More

Tyler HurstFacebook contests – what are they good for?

Charlie Sheen wants an intern?

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The media’s latest crush, Charlie Sheen, has set records that no normal person cares about. Fastest to one million followers on Twitter, most highly publicized but worst live stream ever and likely the first celeb in the past few years to warrant not one t-shirt, but an entire line. Now he’s looking for an intern. PR pros, including our very … Read More

Tyler HurstCharlie Sheen wants an intern?

Bulbstorm looking for a few good (wo)men

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“We keep saying we have a shortage of money, but we really have a shortage of talent. We are in a disruptive time, and old time marketing people don’t know how to market for a social media company, while new media marketing people don’t know how to plan.” – Francine Hardaway. Arizona, we live online with virtual walls, and those … Read More

Tyler HurstBulbstorm looking for a few good (wo)men

Behind the scenes for 12news LunchCast

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Friday was fun. Here’s a snippet of our original appearance. The following is a behind the scenes look, shot by Abby Gilmore. Elise seems nervous.

Tyler HurstBehind the scenes for 12news LunchCast

12News LunchCast with Brahm, Jose and Elise

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Being on TV is fun, even if you have nothing super important to say. I’ve somehow been asked more than a few times to appear on the local news, and it’s always been a really cool experience. The following video is the second half of an appearance by me, Jose Gonzalez and Elise Redlin-Cook. I was asked by Brahm Resnik … Read More

Tyler Hurst12News LunchCast with Brahm, Jose and Elise

No flour, sugar or Diet Coke – Is this Paleo?

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It’s Day 39 of my Body Fat Reduction Challenge. I’m down 13 pounds from when I started, but haven’t lost a bit of weight in nearly two weeks. I’m not eating a ton of food, I work out 5-6 days a week and don’t eat much that I don’t prepare myself. But that’s not enough. For the month of March, … Read More

Tyler HurstNo flour, sugar or Diet Coke – Is this Paleo?

What IS Personal Branding?

Tyler HurstValley PR Blog1 Comment

Personal branding is one my absolute greatest pet peeves. I’ve tried in vain to run away from all mentions of it, avoid any sort of person who teaches it and ridicule the idea as much as humanly possible. But I can’t get away. No matter how many times we in the industry may scoff at the idea, personal branding is … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat IS Personal Branding?

Lessons from a failure slut

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There’s shame in failure. Having an idea backfire is embarrassing. Sometimes, this means you’ll feel like s***. Sometimes, you’ll cry. Sometimes you’ll bury your head so deep no one can get to you. But failure won’t kill you. It will hurt and it may linger, and you damn well better learn from it. But what about always needing to fail … Read More

Tyler HurstLessons from a failure slut

Now Revolution Book Review

Tyler HurstReview3 Comments

If you are like me, you won’t get much from this book. If you are even marginally up to date with social media and new marketing and advertising techniques, you won’t get much from this book. If you are the arrogant sort that expects books to weave a tight narrative, you won’t get much from this book. If you are … Read More

Tyler HurstNow Revolution Book Review

Now Revolution (book review)

Tyler HurstValley PR Blog3 Comments

If you are like me, you won’t get much from this book. If you are up to date with social media and new marketing and advertising techniques, you won’t get much from this book. If you are the arrogant sort that expects books to weave a tight narrative, you won’t get much from this book. If you are the elitist … Read More

Tyler HurstNow Revolution (book review)

Domino Project and AZ Writers’ Event

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I’ve been to a lot of ‘camps, ‘cons and workshops. There are tons of people who are willing to share their tech, business and social media knowledge here in AZ, and I thank them for that. While I’ve been involved in many of these events, I don’t usually learn as much as I could have. Maybe the topics aren’t all … Read More

Tyler HurstDomino Project and AZ Writers’ Event

The Domino Project

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I’m a Seth Godin fan. Have been ever since I read (listened to) Tribes while training for my first half marathon at the end of 2008. While I don’t always agree with his blog posts, his books have always made me think. And now I’m kinda working for him. Not for pay or really anything besides free books, but rather … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

The Write Stuff

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Writing a book is hard. Getting it published is hard. Marketing it is hard. But it isn’t something that must be tackled alone. Friends of the Chandler Library will be presenting a workshop, on April 9 from 10am to 2:30pm, to “inspire your creative spirit and launch your writing career” as part of an effort to encourage new writers. Sessions … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Write Stuff

You’ve got Klout?

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Getting stuff for free is fun. As a writer and relentless self promoter, I’ve been given many things for either review purposes or because the PR team thought I’d like and then write about them. Klout, an oft-argued about company that tries to measure influence online, recently offered to send me a PSP, with a special Ice Cube music video, … Read More

Tyler HurstYou’ve got Klout?

Before Tosh.0, there was Daniel Tosh

Tyler HurstStories3 Comments

(This article was originally published for Ignite, a pocket-sized publication produced by the same team responsible for kontakt. I got a good chuckle reading it, as the differences between writing for print and the web, along with my own improvement since 2006, are very apparent. I’ve edited it only to replace URLs with hyperlinks.) Daniel Tosh doesn’t think he has … Read More

Tyler HurstBefore Tosh.0, there was Daniel Tosh

Steve Jobs and The Price of Fame

Tyler HurstValley PR Blog2 Comments

Fame has its perks. The famous usually get paid very well, they are allowed greater access to most anything and they seldom have to worry about how what they’re doing is being received, as we’re always willing to tell them. There are two kinds of fame. The first is the traditional way, where a person’s accomplishment brings them fame. Whether … Read More

Tyler HurstSteve Jobs and The Price of Fame

Is there a book in everyone?

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I’ve always wanted to write and publish a book. That probably comes as no surprise to you. After all, I am a writer. People actually pay me to arrange letters and words in a pleasing manner. It’s work I enjoy and that I think I am destined to do. Most people probably aren’t like me. They didn’t take journalism in … Read More

Tyler HurstIs there a book in everyone?

TED simulcast available for free

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My TED podcast feed is one of the most interesting, informative and educational slices of media I subscribe to in iTunes. It’s packed with great thinkers and doers from around the world and lets me in to their world, albeit temporarily. I’d love to attend a TED conference one day, but it’s invite-only and the price tag (in the thousands … Read More

Tyler HurstTED simulcast available for free

Brand X T-shirts – my fav place to shop

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I don’t dress up much. Most of my days are spent in Vibrams, jeans and t-shirts. Now, you can wear jeans for a few days in a row and Vibrams for about a week, but I change my t-shirt at least once a day so I don’t look like a total slob. But I don’t want to wear the SAME … Read More

Tyler HurstBrand X T-shirts – my fav place to shop

The problem with scale – remember Jerry Maguire?

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Most of the marketing and PR professionals I know around here work for themselves or for small firms. The advantages are many, as these businesses can adapt quickly, don’t have to worry too much about their image being ruined by a maverick employee and often are more happy with their jobs because they simply don’t work with or hire people … Read More

Tyler HurstThe problem with scale – remember Jerry Maguire?

The ring I bought Katie

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Katie is a very particular girl. She likes her vegetables prepared a particular way, chooses old movies she’s watched tens of times over new ones and has a favorite pair of pants that I’m fairly sure she’d wear every day if she could (the green Old Navy ones). When I first thought about buying her a ring, I had a … Read More

Tyler HurstThe ring I bought Katie

Why you should care about (insert cause here)

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There is no bigger night for advertising creatives than the Super Bowl. You know this, they know this and the world knows this. As millions of American and international fans sit and watch the most popular TV event of the year, featuring highly paid athletes who we treat like prima donnas, the most exciting and most talked about happening seldom … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy you should care about (insert cause here)

How to apologize like a boss (unless you’re Kenneth Cole)

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So, this happened yesterday: Wow. Pretty insensitive, yeah? I see how he could have thought that was funny, and I’m sure I’ve made jokes about Egypt, but it’s still too soon. Anyway, thousands of people called him out on Twitter, which lead to an apology of sorts: Except that’s not really an apology, but more a half-assed effort made in … Read More

Tyler HurstHow to apologize like a boss (unless you’re Kenneth Cole)

Is @KennethCole run by a**holes?

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I’m never one to shy away from an argument, a bad joke that may be a little too soon or broach topics that may seem a little taboo. But I do my best not to make important world events a tool I can use to sell stuff. Sure, I’ve made a joke saying Egypt should just activate their Stargate and … Read More

Tyler HurstIs @KennethCole run by a**holes?

SMAZ brings NOW Revolution

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Fred Von Graf and team have been busy. Social Media AZ, or SMAZ, is now in its third year. To be held February 11, SMAZ was started by Von Graf to fill a void in the Social Media/Digital Marketing for Business event realm, the event has grown from a place of veterans teaching newbies about social media to experts working … Read More

Tyler HurstSMAZ brings NOW Revolution

The Domino Project

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I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s books. I love his style of writing, connect with many of his points and feel like I’ve gained something every time I read my favorites. Whew. I had a hard time admitting that. You see, one point that has really stood out for me from any Godin piece is the idea that we … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

Startups are so hot right now

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If the backbone of the American economy is small business, then the spark is startups. New companies, not only in the tech sector, are key in many community and state economic plans, including right here in Arizona. As such, the Arizona Commerce Authority recently received 108 proposals for the Arizona Innovation Challenge, which will reward $1.5 million to companies creating … Read More

Tyler HurstStartups are so hot right now

WordCamp Phoenix just leapfrogged PodCampAZ

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(If you’re an East Valley small business or just want to learn like one, come to ChandlerCamp on February 10. We’ll give you specific tips that you can use NOW. Maybe I’ll wear my new shirt.) The 2008 PodCampAZ is one of the best conferences I’ve even attended. Packed full of people trying to do more than ever before, it … Read More

Tyler HurstWordCamp Phoenix just leapfrogged PodCampAZ

Lessons on being a good neighbor from TEDxPhxDC

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(Please don’t mistake the tone of this post as anything more than a catharsis for me.). I’ve had a tough time feeling inspired lately. The sometimes daily struggle of making ends meet, getting paid for what I do and changing my diet and somewhat lethargic lifestyle has taken its toll on me. This is no one’s fault. I’ve made more … Read More

Tyler HurstLessons on being a good neighbor from TEDxPhxDC

Is customer service a function of PR?

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Most consumers don’t understand the difference between marketing, branding, PR and customer service. They only see a product/service, an ad or two and maybe the returns department. Every contact with a potential customer must make sense to them, solve a problem and leave them with a favorable opinion of the brand. So when I see AT&T’s new slogan after I’ve … Read More

Tyler HurstIs customer service a function of PR?

ChandlerCamp on February 10

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ChandlerCamp is a half-day conference focused on helping new businesses succeed in the new economy. Expect just under three hours of useful tips and conversations from local professionals. It’s run entirely by volunteers in the Easy Valley and beyond. To attend, please register. Topics for small businesses include how to manage multiple locations, making your passion pay, and quick and … Read More

Tyler HurstChandlerCamp on February 10

How do you keep score?

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“At conference, in boardrooms – it’s always “scale”, “revenue”, “biz”. Let’s talk wisdom, passion, justice, perseverance, humanity, meaning.” — Umair Haque, thinker, blogger, advisor to revolutionaries. (source) Industries thrive on quantitative measurements. Whether it’s growth rate, subscriber base or gross profit, there’s no question that more is always good. The PR industry is no different, as I see long client lists, … Read More

Tyler HurstHow do you keep score?

The Domino Project

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I have no idea what the Domino Project entails, what I’ll get from it or what kind of time commitment I’ll be asked to make. But I want to do it anyway. Opportunities to be a curator for insightful, relevant content (that’s what I think it is) along with the ability to help share ideas that make things better don’t … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Domino Project

Empathy in leadership

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It’s not easy to spot a leader. They are often confused with visionaries and sometimes managers. Leaders don’t always stand out, and like a good football referee, the best ones seldom make their own noise. Men like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg aren’t leaders, they’re visionaries. They rely on other people to make their ideas happen. Leaders are the people … Read More

Tyler HurstEmpathy in leadership

Is PR inherently not social?

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There’s no one way to talk to customers online. Whether a company representative is solving problems, promoting their product or service or just talking with normal people doing normal things, it’s hard to say they’re doing anything wrong. But I don’t think tweets like this do the sender or the subject any good: Full of what some might call hyperbole, … Read More

Tyler HurstIs PR inherently not social?

Matt Murphy – from Phoenix to Tucson

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It’s been quite a ride for long-time Valley PR professional Matt Murphy since early 2009. He’s been through a layoff (Pearson), a restructuring (Adaptive Curriculum), a serious bout with prostate cancer that required surgery, a custody battle and finally, a job with the United Way that just didn’t work out. To add to his misery, his modest home in Mesa, … Read More

Tyler HurstMatt Murphy – from Phoenix to Tucson

To the parents of Gabe Zimmerman

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman- My deepest condolences for the loss of your son. I trust that he will be remembered fondly. I did not know Gabe. From what I gather, he was a tireless public servant who worked hard to make others’ lives easier and better. I imagine you are very proud that he worked for a Congresswoman and … Read More

Tyler HurstTo the parents of Gabe Zimmerman

Twitter isn’t the new Cronkite, nor should it be – the #giffords shooting

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January 8’s tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ illustrated a few things about the modern media landscape that very few people understand and even fewer have the ability to influence. It showed the usefulness of interconnected social media platforms, it showed the power of the web for research and, most of all, it showed that too many people still don’t get … Read More

Tyler HurstTwitter isn’t the new Cronkite, nor should it be – the #giffords shooting

Much ado about content farms

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Content farming, which is recognized as high quantity, low quality content produced to flood Google with search results in order to generate more page views, is not evil. But it still sucks. I don’t blame businesses like Suite101, Demand Media and even (shock) Huffington Post for using low- or no-pay methods to entice writers to produce searchable articles. It’s the … Read More

Tyler HurstMuch ado about content farms

Time spent on traditional media slips in 2010

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I subscribe to most of the “leading” media sites and journals. Chock full with numbers, studies and feedback from around the industry, I initially thought they’d be invaluable in helping me and those I worked with create useful campaigns for clients. Boy was I wrong. The insights, backed by numbers from somewhere, did no more to help me than blanket … Read More

Tyler HurstTime spent on traditional media slips in 2010

Is Copy Dead?

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Copy used to be the most powerful tool for any communication professional. Designed to specifically persuade users to take action, copy is a fantastic way to get your point across when you’re selling or promoting based on price or scarcity. It’s often clever, sometimes a bit misleading, and usually elicits groans from those who have seen a bit too much. … Read More

Tyler HurstIs Copy Dead?

It’s Christmas Time Again

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I’m having a good Christmas. Most of my loved ones were under the same roof tonight, we all had time for each other and gifts to give, and, most importantly, we were all here. I almost always have a good Christmas. I can’t imagine what it’s like not to have one. I haven’t lived through a divorce, no one in … Read More

Tyler HurstIt’s Christmas Time Again

How to be popular online

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(For those of you celebrating today, Merry Christmas! For those who celebrate something else, happy Friday! For those who hate family and gift giving, Bah Humbug! For almost everyone else, Happy Holidays!) It’s tougher than you’d think to be popular online. While many of us would like to be well-known because of our success, our know-how or just how cool … Read More

Tyler HurstHow to be popular online

An adult’s letter to Santa

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Dear Santa – Hey big guy. Been a while. Years and years. Hope you’re doing well. Anyway, I’d like to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ever thinking that once I discovered your secret, that you were no longer relevant. I’m sorry that I dismissed you as a childhood fantasy. I’m sorry that I didn’t see you as a symbol … Read More

Tyler HurstAn adult’s letter to Santa

Why I gave up my absolute most favorite food

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I love pretzels. They are my comfort food, my fall-back food and my first choice for snacking. I love pretzels so much that I actually hate Rold Gold for seemingly forcing all over pretzel manufacturers out of the market. I like my pretzels slightly buttery, I like them lightly salted and I like them in bulk. I eat a lot … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I gave up my absolute most favorite food

Does the rise of women mean the fall of men?

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I’ve never understood most battles in the business world. I’ve also never understood why we often assume that any struggle, unless it’s dealing with hard numbers, is a zero sum game. Men versus women, old versus young and analog versus digital make little sense to me, yet the arguments never die. Ever. Now we’re being told that women, long treated … Read More

Tyler HurstDoes the rise of women mean the fall of men?