Bulbstorm looking for a few good (wo)men

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“We keep saying we have a shortage of money, but we really have a shortage of talent. We are in a disruptive time, and old time marketing people don’t know how to market for a social media company, while new media marketing people don’t know how to plan.” – Francine Hardaway.

Arizona, we live online with virtual walls, and those walls need to be maintained by workers with knowledge. Who’s gonna do it? You? A social media expert? Companies like Bulbstorm have a greater responsibility than most could possibly fathom.

You weep for your privacy, and you curse Facebook. You have that luxury. You have that luxury as a user, not a creator. That privacy’s death, while tragic, will enhance lives. And Bulbstorm’s existence, while seemingly gratuitous to those who don’t get it, makes lives better.

You don’t want the truth because deep in your chats and texts, you want people like Bulbstorm manning that wall. We use words like tweet, direct message, status update. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent communicating. You use them as a punchline.

Companies like Bulbstorm have neither the manpower or time to waste on anyone who doesn’t have marketing AND social media skills, and applying without both is an insult to those who’ve trained for this. They would rather you just said thank you, and went back to your oversharing. Otherwise, we all suggest you (wo)man up and make an app. Either way, none of us give a damn about how entitled people are.

Bulbstorm Open Positions
User Interface Designer
PHP/JQuery/AJAX/Zend Engineers (2+)
System Administrator
Project Manager (IT)
Marketing Manager
Account Development Representative
Account Executive – Agency Sales (NY or San Fran)
VP of Sales
Project Manager (Client Event)

More information for each position available at Bulbstorm’s career page.

Tyler HurstBulbstorm looking for a few good (wo)men

One Comment on ““Bulbstorm looking for a few good (wo)men”

  1. ScribeDevil

    Thank you for highlighting our recruiting efforts, Tyler.

    Despite the economic climate, recruiting is a challenge. We’re very selective. We require that new teammates be able to contribute in multiple ways (wear many hats), while raising our game considerably in at least one specific area. They have to be entrepreneurial and, of course, they have to “get” social.

    Hopefully this article helps get the word out!

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