Seattle Cider Summit 2013

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I came, I saw, I drank cider. Apparently I’m no longer a small minority either, as thousands of Seattleites joined me to do more of the same this past Friday and Saturday, September 6-7, at South Lake Union Discovery Center. As both a volunteer and a paid attendee, I’m going to break down the event from this unique perspective. 1. … Read More

Tyler HurstSeattle Cider Summit 2013

Cider News for August 29 — Woodchuck introduces Cellar Series, Seattle Cider Summit Sept 6-7, and My Current Cider Favs

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Woodchuck Launches New ‘Cellar Series’ Hard Cider Line “The cellar series is a really exciting project for us,” said Cider Maker John Matson. “It gives us the opportunity to take some of our most experimental, previously unreleased ciders, and put them in the hands of our fans. Dry Hop is a great balanced cider and it represents just the tip … Read More

Tyler HurstCider News for August 29 — Woodchuck introduces Cellar Series, Seattle Cider Summit Sept 6-7, and My Current Cider Favs

Cider and Lego Star Wars

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Saturday afternoons and hell, most weekends, are often spent traveling, outside, volunteering and/or catching up on work that we couldn’t get done during the week. The wife and I usually spend the entirety of them together or completely apart, which makes for some…non-relaxing moments if we’re both stressed out. But this weekend there’s little to do work wise, no volunteering … Read More

Tyler HurstCider and Lego Star Wars

Time For Cider Riot!

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As cider grows more popular, it’s easy to cash in on the wave. Cideries will be born, books will be written and blogs will be created, each hoping to latch on to the momentum spearheaded by other people. But Cider Riot! is not one of those upstarts. Cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong has been making cider each year for nearly 20 years, … Read More

Tyler HurstTime For Cider Riot!

Why I Drink Cider

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Last night, while attending Willamette Week’s Best Of Portland party, I was re-introduced to Stella Artois’s cidre (that’s cider in the U.S.) for the second time. My initial reaction was one of disappointment, as I didn’t understand how a party allegedly meant to celebrate Portland featured a mass-produced drink that isn’t even from this country. After bitching to Martin Cizmar, … Read More

Tyler HurstWhy I Drink Cider

What Is Hard Cider?

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I have a confession: when I first started drinking fermented apples with either hops, carbonation or neither or both, I called it hard cider. Why? Because most people think cider means spicy cinnamon drink served in the fall, usually with some sort of holiday-themed cookie. But the answer to what is hard cider is easy: it’s called cider, thank you … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat Is Hard Cider?

HipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

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It’s almost time for HipCider. Months of research (drinking), weeks of prep (writing about drinking) and days of photo shoots (taking pictures of bottles I drank) are adding up to my first real book…ever. I’ve been infatuated with cider since my November 2012 arrival in Portland, and after I saw 1500+ people show up to a CiderFest at a local … Read More

katiehurstHipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

Welcome to HipCider

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The first book, “HipCider: Beginner Guide to Cider in Portland” was published in June 2013. You can purchase the ebook from Please pardon our dust as we build out the site with lots more cider knowledge…coming soon.

Tyler HurstWelcome to HipCider