Cider and Lego Star Wars

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Saturday afternoons and hell, most weekends, are often spent traveling, outside, volunteering and/or catching up on work that we couldn’t get done during the week. The wife and I usually spend the entirety of them together or completely apart, which makes for some…non-relaxing moments if we’re both stressed out.

But this weekend there’s little to do work wise, no volunteering and no travel, so we decided it was long past time to finish our Lego Star Wars video game by collecting all the blue canisters hidden in each level. While the game is fun, her reading the guidebook and me playing the game can get stressful at times, so she decided to grab cider.

Just a few minutes ago, we had the following conversation:

Her: “We can only spend $20. Maybe $15.”
Me: “Well, do we want best taste or most cider or highest alcohol for the money? We should really look this up. I wonder if there is…”

And then it hit me.

There’s a book that can help with just this kind of situation. Chock full of amusing stories, great pictures and ratings from normal, non-professional alcohol snobs, this book is just the answer for anyone wanting tips on cider buying that don’t involve notes, aroma, apple selection or fermenting process.

For the record, we chose Estate Winesap, Eden Ridge and Dry Creek from Blue Mountain. Yum.

We’ll let you know how Lego Star Wars turns out.

Image Credit: The Official Star Wars vis Flickr

Tyler HurstCider and Lego Star Wars

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