Charlie Sheen wants an intern?

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The media’s latest crush, Charlie Sheen, has set records that no normal person cares about. Fastest to one million followers on Twitter, most highly publicized but worst live stream ever and likely the first celeb in the past few years to warrant not one t-shirt, but an entire line.

Now he’s looking for an intern. PR pros, including our very own Len Gutman, emphatically say no. He and Peter Shankman both explain that trusting social media to an intern is a terrible idea in nearly every case and that even if intern does a good job, Gutman says they’ll still be working for “a drug addict and a psychopath.”

Had I read their article yesterday, I may have hesitated another second before applying to be on the Sheen Team. This marks the second social media contest I’ve entered this week (vote me for VP!) and I have the feeling that these type of contests do absolutely nothing for anyone anywhere. But I digress.

I’m not sure I see the issue in Gutman and Shankman’s warnings about working for Sheen. Compared to most driven PR firm owners, there’s no way, even in his drug-induced craziness, Sheen is THAT much worse than many of the people I’ve worked with or heard about. Hell, we all know about the intern who didn’t want to do intern work, but what we seldom hear about is the long, tedious hours and menial work given to nearly every intern everywhere, none of which guarantees any national TV/radio/internet exposure.

I certainly don’t agree that social media, or anything important, should be left for an intern to handle, but if the PR/Marketing/Advertising/Social Media industry took an honest look at what they’re REALLY offering interns, you could do a lot worse than working for Sheen.

And I bet he won’t ask you to sort pens.

Tyler HurstCharlie Sheen wants an intern?

4 Comments on “Charlie Sheen wants an intern?”

  1. tdhurst

    If by help you mean point the Sheen Train straight toward the cliff and jump out right before we all fall to our virtual deaths, then yes. But only because that would make awesome TV.

  2. Katherine Lockhart

    I find this very interesting. The last thing on Charlie Sheen’s mind should be finding a PR intern. He should be focusing on re-hiring a good PR team, but then again he seems to be doing well on his on. I guess any publicity is good publicity. Sheen seems to have made a new name for himself and made money without even having a job. All eyes on are Sheen and what he will do next. It would be interesting to see how an intern would handle this.

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