Why you should care about (insert cause here)

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There is no bigger night for advertising creatives than the Super Bowl. You know this, they know this and the world knows this.

As millions of American and international fans sit and watch the most popular TV event of the year, featuring highly paid athletes who we treat like prima donnas, the most exciting and most talked about happening seldom occurs on the field. It happens between those times.

Len has a terrific take on the best ad from yesterday’s game and I fully agree. Any ad that can give people hope and give us a beat we can awkwardly nod our heads to is an absolute winner in my book. Not that I’m going to go out and buy a Chrysler tomorrow, but at the very least I have a renewed excitement for American-made automobiles from the manufacturing heart of our country.

This fairly traditional ad from a fairly traditional company did more for me than all other feel good ads combined (save for the Coke ad with the guys at the border) and made me proud to know a guy like Erik Proulx who is making a documentary about the Motor City. His film is a movie for the people, financed by the people and created by people just like you and me.

And then we have upstart startup GroupOn. Full of clever ad copy, great regional deals and a valuation with seemingly no ceiling, this Chicago-based company has taken the geek world by storm. GroupOn feels cheeky, irreverent and, even though they’re now many levels up on the net worth scale, like one of us.

But they’re not. They have absolutely lost touch with the people that made them as huge as they are, and somehow assumed that saving money is more important to people than pretending to care about social causes. For that, I unsubscribed to their service, but not with the huge weight of hypocrisy bearing down.

I bet most of us have no idea what’s happening in Tibet or in any other country that GroupOn managed to make light of last night. Hell, I’ve been following the Egypt saga and I still can’t figure out exactly what’s going on there. I’m a sadly uninformed American who has gotten really good at being offended without having any real reason to be angry.

Next time we claim to be offended, I hope each of us will actually take the time to find out why.

Tyler HurstWhy you should care about (insert cause here)

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