Episode 3 | Elements Of a Story

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We should probably be talking about the hero’s journey or some actual story structure, but I don’t know what most of them are called and it’s embarrassing to talk about stuff I don’t know about, so we tried to use simple terms in this one.   Hello, blog post reader! Would love if you subscribed to my RSS feed via … Read More

Tyler HurstEpisode 3 | Elements Of a Story

Episode 2 | The Creative Process

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In our second episode, we discuss the creative process in which we all make whatever it is we need, albeit memos, code, plans to show houses, pieces of writing, and anything else that we seemingly make up in our own heads. We filmed this one during an AZ summer in a room without AC, so please forgive our panting.

Tyler HurstEpisode 2 | The Creative Process

Episode 1 | Bringing back StorytellersAZ

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A few years ago, a group of friends decided to talk to each other about storytelling and record it. We made 50 episodes, on location in Gangplank Studios. It’s called StorytellersAZ.  

Tyler HurstEpisode 1 | Bringing back StorytellersAZ

Seth Godin Book Review With Chris Franklin Of Portland Creative

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The Portland Creative

(Want to know what other people thought of the book? Seth shared early reactions on his blog.) The idea that anxiety is experiencing failure in advance, that the voice in our head is only a narrator, and that focus is important above all else seem self evident and pretty life coach-y now that I’m reading this as I type it, … Read More

Tyler HurstSeth Godin Book Review With Chris Franklin Of Portland Creative

Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery & Infection (GRAPHIC IMAGES) (NSFW)

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Me with coffee

***WARNING*** THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH If you’d rather read about a more successful ingrown toenail trimming story, read my previous from almost three years ago. That was my second surgery, the one you’re reading here was my fourth. After three visits to two doctors to try and save both my big … Read More

Tyler HurstIngrown Toenail Removal Surgery & Infection (GRAPHIC IMAGES) (NSFW)

When I First Looked At My Watch, I Couldn’t Believe It, But…

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…I had just run 10 miles, for fun, and hadn’t died. And this wasn’t my first time, as I did the same thing, albeit with some workouts mixed in during miles four, five and six, a few weeks ago before I helped run World Domination Summit 2014. Sitting here writing this as I wait for my breakfast to digest so … Read More

Tyler HurstWhen I First Looked At My Watch, I Couldn’t Believe It, But…

Something Bigger Than Yourself | Is The Obstacle The Way?

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Current status: sitting on my brother’s old couch, now located on my balcony in Portland. I can see an ugly, dirty beige, wood wall, a bunch of leafy trees, a parking lot, and a maintenance guy with a leaf blower strapped to his back. I’m very, very angry about that last part and I don’t know why. While I understand … Read More

Tyler HurstSomething Bigger Than Yourself | Is The Obstacle The Way?

Giving Yourself Credit

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Photo on 6-25-14 at 1.30 PM

It’s been so long since I visited my site that it no longer comes up in suggested sites or autocorrect. While I’ve never hid that I abhor “I haven’t written in so long and I’m sorry” posts — hot damn, it’s been a while, but I’m not apologizing for it. 19 months into our move from the deserts of AZ … Read More

Tyler HurstGiving Yourself Credit

Preventing Genocide

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We all make choices about what is important to us. We have to or else we’d go broke trying to fix everything. (At least I would). So we do what we can with what we have and make the best of our lives. That’s human and admirable and obvious and great. But plenty of times we turn a blind eye … Read More

Tyler HurstPreventing Genocide

Changes are fermenting

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In the past nine months HipCider has been around, I’ve learned a ton about cider. I’ve learned about fermenting, yeast, apples, business, BIG business, teamwork, food pairings and even bottling. I’ve also consumed quite a bit more cider than I ever thought possible. But nine months in, I’ve realized that something just isn’t quite right. For as hard as I … Read More

Tyler HurstChanges are fermenting