Two Years With Skora Running

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I started taking running seriously in 2009. After almost 30 years of treating running as a punishment and training tool, I resolved to look upon running as a form of physical exertion and meditation. For the first time in my life, I strove to learn to run, correctly — short strides, weight under my hips, arms pumping. No heel striking, … Read More

Tyler HurstTwo Years With Skora Running

What would you do on an #AmtrakResidency?

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Amtrak Residency

(The idea of an Amtrak Residency, where writers book a round-trip ticket to work there and back, is fascinating. Here’s how I convinced myself to go.) I make my living by, mostly, arranging letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into stories. Whether I’m running a Facebook campaign, tweeting incessantly, or crafting a blog post, I’m … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat would you do on an #AmtrakResidency?

No, You Can’t Die From Insomnia

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I haven’t slept more than four hours in a row in over a month, save for once when I followed cider with eggnog and rum — but that’s not real sleep. I’m talking about restful, pleasant sleep. Without vivid dreams. Without having to take NyQuil at 2am. Without having to mix Percocet (prescription, I had my toenails removed and one … Read More

Tyler HurstNo, You Can’t Die From Insomnia

Tribute To Alan Adamek

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“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo” -Lose Yourself, by Eminem Starting with the good news: I became an uncle for the first time in October with the birth of Brady Mark Hurst to my younger brother and his wife. I’m damn proud of both of them … Read More

Tyler HurstTribute To Alan Adamek

Tyler Hurst Is Awesome

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Dear You, Tyler Hurst is awesome. I know you just finished reading Pam Slim’s post about what your Google search profile says about you — for a fact, obviously, as I just read it — and I wanted to tell you that you are an amazing dude. You see, I want this post with me telling me how awesome I … Read More

Tyler HurstTyler Hurst Is Awesome

Life Is Like A Pauly Shore Movie

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Perhaps you’ve seen 1993′s Son In Law, starring Pauly Shore and a bunch of other people I don’t really remember. In the slight chance you haven’t (don’t pretend you weren’t a Pauly Shore fan in the early 90s), Shore plays a wacky, city-slicker, weirdo college RA that attends Thanksgiving in some rural setting with his soon-to-be girlfriend’s (didn’t they start … Read More

Tyler HurstLife Is Like A Pauly Shore Movie

Cider For Breakfast

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TL;DR – This reads like I’m talking to myself, which I have been. A day and a half with just my dog at home and I’m already talking out loud, legitimately expecting the pooch to answer. Here’s something you may not know: I wrote a post that ranks well for “ingrown toenail surgery“, with regular comments spurring helpful conversations about … Read More

Tyler HurstCider For Breakfast

The Clichéd Life

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It feels childish to write in the first person. It feels immature to talk about my life as if I face unique challenges. It feels depressing to constantly compare what I’ve done to what I think I should have done. Yet, here I am, writing a post on a blog named after me. Some would say this is classic narcissism … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Clichéd Life

HipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

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It’s almost time for HipCider. Months of research (drinking), weeks of prep (writing about drinking) and days of photo shoots (taking pictures of bottles I drank) are adding up to my first real book…ever. I’ve been infatuated with cider since my November 2012 arrival in Portland, and after I saw 1500+ people show up to a CiderFest at a local … Read More

katiehurstHipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider