Meet The Cidermakers | Colin Schilling of Schilling Cider

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In my search to know more about the food I eat, where it comes from, and who’s making it, my wife and I have checked a variety of co-ops, read up on fermentation and recipes, and talked to a bunch of people making their living feeding others.

This past April 2013, we were excited to attend Schilling Cider’s first Portland tasting at Bushwhacker Cider, because it meant we’d both have a chance to sample a new cider, and meet the man behind it all. Colin, who looks exactly like what you’d think a techie MBA would, was especially kind in explaining his philosophy of cider, the history of his company, and why he has so much fun fermenting apples.

It’s not often a business can or is willing to speak directly to customers, and Colin’s words and his ciders made us both instant fans. I caught up with him during Seattle Cider Summit in September 2013 for a quick chat.

Meet The Cidermakers is a weekly video series designed to introduce cider loves to the cider makers fermenting our drinks. Check back next week for another video.

Tyler HurstMeet The Cidermakers | Colin Schilling of Schilling Cider