HipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

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It’s almost time for HipCider. Months of research (drinking), weeks of prep (writing about drinking) and days of photo shoots (taking pictures of bottles I drank) are adding up to my first real book…ever. I’ve been infatuated with cider since my November 2012 arrival in Portland, and after I saw 1500+ people show up to a CiderFest at a local … Read More

katiehurstHipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

Welcome to HipCider

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The first book, “HipCider: Beginner Guide to Cider in Portland” was published in June 2013. You can purchase the ebook from Amazon.com. Please pardon our dust as we build out the site with lots more cider knowledge…coming soon.

Tyler HurstWelcome to HipCider

Second Sunday Cider featuring Bull Run Cider

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Mother’s Day brunch sounds great, but what could bookend such a day? Bull Run Cider paired with cheese, of course. After a long two months without cider and cheese, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be hosting Bull Run Cider this Sunday, May 11, from 5-7pm, again at Brooklyn House Restaurant (3131 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97202). Co-founders Galen … Read More

Tyler HurstSecond Sunday Cider featuring Bull Run Cider

Changes are fermenting

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In the past nine months HipCider has been around, I’ve learned a ton about cider. I’ve learned about fermenting, yeast, apples, business, BIG business, teamwork, food pairings and even bottling. I’ve also consumed quite a bit more cider than I ever thought possible. But nine months in, I’ve realized that something just isn’t quite right. For as hard as I … Read More

Tyler HurstChanges are fermenting

Portland Cider Co Here For Second Sunday Cider

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This month I’m pleased to present, fresh off their new taproom opening in Oregon City, Portland Cider Company. Owned and run by Jeff and Lynda Parrish, Portland Cider Co is a perfect beginner’s cider, with just enough flavor to make it taste great but lacking the complexity a more seasoned cider drinker might prefer.

Tyler HurstPortland Cider Co Here For Second Sunday Cider

What would you do on an #AmtrakResidency?

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Amtrak Residency

(The idea of an Amtrak Residency, where writers book a round-trip ticket to work there and back, is fascinating. Here’s how I convinced myself to go.) I make my living by, mostly, arranging letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into stories. Whether I’m running a Facebook campaign, tweeting incessantly, or crafting a blog post, I’m … Read More

Tyler HurstWhat would you do on an #AmtrakResidency?

February #SecondSundayCider Is Now Third Sunday

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It’s time for #SecondSundayCider. While we’d love to make the 1.5 mile hike to Brooklyn House to snack on some cheese and cider, we’re betting most people are (correctly) going to stay inside today and wait out the ice/snow storm here in Portland. Let’s all stay home, tear into our own cider and hopefully cheese stash, and re-schedule tonight’s Carlton … Read More

Tyler HurstFebruary #SecondSundayCider Is Now Third Sunday

Congratulations to Carlton Cyder For Their ‘Cider Of The Year’ Award

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While attending the annual Willamette Week Beer Guide release party to celebrate cider’s inclusion, yours truly chose quite the prominent seat to thumb through the guide. Congratulations to the WWeek’s #1 cider of the year, Carlton Cyderworks Carry Nation! Plenty of ciders I dig placed well, including Lorrie’s Gold by Reverend Nat (drink at room temp for best experience) and … Read More

Tyler HurstCongratulations to Carlton Cyder For Their ‘Cider Of The Year’ Award