Scribe SEO works for me

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Writing a story is fairly simple. Pick a topic, determine a theme and give it some sort of plot. Most online writers don’t have to worry too much about word count, keywords and tags. Well, unless you want everyone to find it, because ‘though content rules, if no one can find it, no one can read it. Enter Search Engine … Read More

Tyler HurstScribe SEO works for me

Five things every event must have

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Image by tdhurst via Flickr There are far too many bad events out there. From events about Twitter to marketing events that seem cloned, it’s tough to stand out and be useful. Here are five things every successful event must do: 1. Make the event about the participants, not the speakers or the organizer. -SOUNDS easy, but it’s tough not … Read More

Tyler HurstFive things every event must have

You cannot create a viral video!

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I’m job searching. I’ve been job searching so long that nearly every job description is starting to sound EXACTLY the same. Still, some things stand out, especially in the marketing field. …”create viral videos,”… Listen, I know those companies are trying to sound with it. I know they’re trying to sound hip. They are missing the point. You cannot create … Read More

Tyler HurstYou cannot create a viral video!