WordCamp Phoenix set for end of January 2011

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Too much learning is never a bad thing. WordCamp Phoenix, to be held January 26-30 2011, offers hours and hours of just the kind of learning anyone in the PR industry can benefit from. Whether you’re looking to brush up on some WordPress skills, would like tips to give to clients or just need to connect with local freelancers to … Read More

Tyler HurstWordCamp Phoenix set for end of January 2011

Hello PR People

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The role of PR in a world without gatekeepers has long confused me. Although you all claim to work with your clients to manage their public image, PR has long been the yin to old media’s yang. It’s not public relations, it’s press relations and you know it. But that’s okay. That’s a job that needs to get done. My … Read More

Tyler HurstHello PR People

An Open Letter To Daniel Gerous

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Dear Daniel Gerous: Yeah, hi. I’m a fan. Of Gangplank, that is. Yep, been a fan for a while now, back when Gangplank was still mostly an idea. Back when Gangplank wasn’t physical and was shielded from what we could see, feel, or smell. There were no expectations back then. If we wanted to be a part of Gangplank, we … Read More

Tyler HurstAn Open Letter To Daniel Gerous

Gangplank: an idea, not a building

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Communities require a sense of place. Communities require good people. Communities require a certain kind of attitude. Combine that with businesses that have something to sell and you have something special. Gangplank is the embodiment of everything above. It’s inclusive, it’s useful and it’s spreading. If you don’t get it, stop thinking of it as a building, think of it … Read More

Tyler HurstGangplank: an idea, not a building

kontaktmag interview on gangplank podcast

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Looks like kontaktmag has finally hit the big time. Well, at least when it comes to the geek community. Listen to Don talking about kontaktmag on Gangplank’s podcast. Thanks to @spellwight and @evo_terra for the publicity.

Tyler Hurstkontaktmag interview on gangplank podcast