HipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

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It’s almost time for HipCider. Months of research (drinking), weeks of prep (writing about drinking) and days of photo shoots (taking pictures of bottles I drank) are adding up to my first real book…ever. I’ve been infatuated with cider since my November 2012 arrival in Portland, and after I saw 1500+ people show up to a CiderFest at a local … Read More

katiehurstHipCider: Beginner Guide to Portland Cider

My Own Little Corner Of The Internet

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Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void released a book last week. Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear is part manifesto, part love letter and part, well, I haven’t figured that out yet. In my own little corner of the internet, I’m king and servant; royalty and commoner. The first read disappointed me. While Hugh’s first two books were great, this one … Read More

Tyler HurstMy Own Little Corner Of The Internet

Thoughts on SOPA & PIPA from a Napster kid

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I was a Napster kid. Me and the rest of my frat brothers lived in the house that Paul Allen built in Greek Row on the Washington State University campus, which gave us access to the only T-1 line not controlled by the school. And because the server running the entire Greek system was in our attic, we had complete … Read More

Tyler HurstThoughts on SOPA & PIPA from a Napster kid

Steve Jobs, Imaginator

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Whether you liked him or not, let him or not, Steve Jobs changed the lives of everyone who bought Apple products, and even those who bought competing ones. My love for Apple products has changed my life; whether it was igniting my interest in tinkering with computers at my dad’s print shop in 1986, making my living using Apple products … Read More

Tyler HurstSteve Jobs, Imaginator

Digital etiquette – how rude are you?

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The first time I met Steven Groves, I thought he was a bit of a jerk. We were at the first REBarCamp, and he approached me just after I entered through the main gate. He walked up, we shook hands and he started talking while I pulled out my iPhone to reply to a buzz. Steven did not keep talking … Read More

Tyler HurstDigital etiquette – how rude are you?

How To Handle Bad Press

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Online rumors can never, EVER be put back in the bag. Try as the PR world might, eliminating the source of negative allegations against a client is an impossible task. The Lavidge Company, representatives for the recently accused Jason Hope of JAWA/Cylon, has drawn the highly unenviable work. While I certainly didn’t expect them to follow any of my previous … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Handle Bad Press