WordCamp Phoenix set for end of January 2011

Tyler HurstValley PR Blog2 Comments

Too much learning is never a bad thing. WordCamp Phoenix, to be held January 26-30 2011, offers hours and hours of just the kind of learning anyone in the PR industry can benefit from. Whether you’re looking to brush up on some WordPress skills, would like tips to give to clients or just need to connect with local freelancers to … Read More

Tyler HurstWordCamp Phoenix set for end of January 2011

Everything on the internet is free

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Nearly everything I use online is free. My email, the software that runs my blog and most of the websites I visit. Most people will tell you that this is how the internet should remain. Bullshit. Nothing online is free. Every blog costs time, every app costs money and every program is created by someone looking to solve a problem. … Read More

Tyler HurstEverything on the internet is free