TED simulcast available for free

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My TED podcast feed is one of the most interesting, informative and educational slices of media I subscribe to in iTunes. It’s packed with great thinkers and doers from around the world and lets me in to their world, albeit temporarily. I’d love to attend a TED conference one day, but it’s invite-only and the price tag (in the thousands … Read More

Tyler HurstTED simulcast available for free

The Inigo Montoya guide to poorly used Phoenix terms

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As downtown Phoenix slowly grows into a real urban core, I’ve heard many terms, phrases and promises regarding what we’d be able to do. From CityScape to the Jackson Street Project and Civic Space to a new skate facility at Deck Park, activists and urban planners have had a helluva time making claims about what was going to happen. Here … Read More

Tyler HurstThe Inigo Montoya guide to poorly used Phoenix terms

Gangplank: an idea, not a building

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Communities require a sense of place. Communities require good people. Communities require a certain kind of attitude. Combine that with businesses that have something to sell and you have something special. Gangplank is the embodiment of everything above. It’s inclusive, it’s useful and it’s spreading. If you don’t get it, stop thinking of it as a building, think of it … Read More

Tyler HurstGangplank: an idea, not a building

Thank you for being a friend…

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Join Don and friends for a goodbye at Sidebar tonight (Monday, June 22nd) at 8:30pm. I’ll be there in spirit. He’s worked at the Apple store. He’s worked for a music mag. He started a modern design mag. He started an entertainment mag. He’s a photographer, dog owner and member of the YMCA. He supported downtown. He went to museums. … Read More

Tyler HurstThank you for being a friend…