Jason Hope’s (JAWA/Cylon) lawyers send cease and desist to AZDisruptors

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Oh, these incident regarding Jason Hope of JAWA/Cylon’s alleged text messaging scams are getting a bit more interesting. It seems Hamid over at AZDisruptors has grabbed the attention of their lawyers for continuing to make allegations against Hope and company. They sent him a cease and desist letter. In this letter, they outlined a few things – Hamid’s statements rose … Read More

Tyler HurstJason Hope’s (JAWA/Cylon) lawyers send cease and desist to AZDisruptors

How To Handle Bad Press

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Online rumors can never, EVER be put back in the bag. Try as the PR world might, eliminating the source of negative allegations against a client is an impossible task. The Lavidge Company, representatives for the recently accused Jason Hope of JAWA/Cylon, has drawn the highly unenviable work. While I certainly didn’t expect them to follow any of my previous … Read More

Tyler HurstHow To Handle Bad Press