Altered States | StorytellersAZ | Episode 48

Tyler Hurst

Today we talk about how Magic Mike is a must see, how fun Rock of Ages is, and when/how writing while high, drunk, or otherwise “drugged” up is a challenge that not everyone can handle.

Tyler HurstAltered States | StorytellersAZ | Episode 48

Blogging Challenge Update | StorytellersAZ | Episode 47

Tyler Hurst

Kind-of writer Tyler Hurst (me) hosts tonight, and I’m joined by screenwriter and playwright Brian LaPan and IT guy Geoff Snyder of

Listen in to hear jokes about Geoff BBQing shirtless and me talking about how easy a blogging challenge is when you don’t bother with journalistic principles.

Tyler HurstBlogging Challenge Update | StorytellersAZ | Episode 47

Talking Family | StorytellersAZ | Episode 46

Tyler Hurst

I’m hosting again — still a writer — and we’re broadcasting “live” from Gangplank in Chandler, AZ. I’m joined by former TV/film guy (Dinosaurs) LaPan and IT pro Geoff Snyder.

Today we talk about our duty in convincing colleagues to stop fucking off online while at work.

Tyler HurstTalking Family | StorytellersAZ | Episode 46

Author Blog Challenge | StorytellersAZ | Episode 45

Tyler Hurst

Today we are whatever we believe, so my microphone is a unicorn in this episode. I’m joined again by sales guy and writer Matt Fox, creative former-Hollywood person Brian LaPan, and IT+ guy Geoff Snyder.

Today we talk about blogging and challenge each other to write more.

Tyler HurstAuthor Blog Challenge | StorytellersAZ | Episode 45

Girl Scout Cookie Terpene Pairing

Tyler HurstBlog

Here’s a preview of the Girl Scout Cookie terpene pairing story KC and I are working on for WW this week. We spent an afternoon sampling two strains per cookie, and found most of them tasted great (did you know terpenes that smell of fuel can blunt menthol’s burn?).

Tyler HurstGirl Scout Cookie Terpene Pairing

What Failure Is And How To Deal | StorytellersAZ | Episode 44

Tyler Hurst

I’m back hosting — this time with a buzzing in the background that’s driving us nuts — and I’m joined by sales dude and writer Matt Fox, screen and playwright Brian LaPan, and Wendy Coneybeer, who’s getting back to writing.

Today we talk about failure and how to learn from it.

Tyler HurstWhat Failure Is And How To Deal | StorytellersAZ | Episode 44

Masculine Vs Feminine | StorytellersAZ | Episode 42

Tyler Hurst

Fresh off my first voiceover work and being noticed by a grocery store clerk who saw me on the news, I’m joined by screenwriter Brian LaPan, Realtor and writer Elizabeth Newlin, and “theoretical” writer Sarah Marquez.

We start the discussion by me assuring the group that I need to check the statute of limitations before publishing my book. From there, we talk about traditional masculine and feminine roles and how they’re no longer male/female oriented.

Tyler HurstMasculine Vs Feminine | StorytellersAZ | Episode 42

Images For Blogs |StorytellersAZ | Episode 40

Tyler Hurst

Who’s hosting? This guy. I’m joined by salesman and writer Matt Fox of Persuasion Theory, poet and corporate author Sarah Marquez, and playwright Brian LaPan.

Today we’re talking blog images over the din of Gangplank’s weekly Hacknight.

Tyler HurstImages For Blogs |StorytellersAZ | Episode 40