“Don’t stand out from the crowd. Avoid crowds altogether.” –Hugh MacLeod

All Out is a not-safe-for-work take on the popular slideshow presentation event you might be used to. To be held at Gangplank on June 18, All Out will feature nine presenters each telling YOU in five minutes what they’re REALLY passionate about.

The fun starts at 7:30pm. Here’s the lineup:

Derek Neighbors: The Power of Fuck: Fuck is the most versatile word in our language, but rather than being admired it is banned. It’s time we set Fuck free.
Shane Sanchez: The Self-Proclaimed Leader: three steps to leadership that doesn’t suck.
Sam Richard: He’s One Bad Ask Mother Funder: Asking for Money in the New Normal

Chad Swaney: Everything you always wanted to know about gays but were afraid to ask: no explanation needed.
Guest presenters Johnathan Kressaty and Crystall Kanyuck: Teach Grandma to use an iPod
Katie Charland: Lessons From History: either we learn from the past or we’re destined to repeat it.
Tyler Hurst: Why Barefoot: it rocks my socks off.

Laura Orsini & Karen Langston: You Are What You Eat: healthy eating leads to happy lifestyles.
Greg Taylor: Why music matters (period): why music should be important to everyone.

It doesn’t have to be about teaching. It doesn’t have to be about community. It doesn’t have to be family safe. It only has to be entertaining, relevant and worthy.

Nine total presentations.
Unlimited slides.
Five minutes.
Slides must be of equal length.
No props allowed.
No more than two presenters are allowed.

Audience should expect:
One presentation is chosen, day of, from the audience.
Presenters go in ascending order of votes.
All presos are filmed, presenters MAY veto publishing.
There are only 50 tickets.
Event is 21+ only.

Tyler HurstAll Out