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Just over 2.5 years ago, I ditched my running shoes and switched to Vibrams. The multiple Asics I had worn over my many running years weren’t working for me anymore, and I was adamant to relearn — or learn, I guess — proper running form.

To do that, I needed shoes with the least amount of cushioning possible in order to get immediate ground feedback.

It worked. I started with 100 feet, then 200 feet, eventually working myself up to a half-marathon. But Vibrams just can’t handle everything I’d like to do in them.

Here in AZ the sidewalks and streets are burn-your-feet hot six months out of the year, which isn’t an issue if you’re walking a few hundred feet, but blisters and hot spots are a huge problem when running a few miles.

But now that my feet and running style have adapted to a minimalist shoe, how in the hell was I going to switch to something that can handle hot streets, long trails, and are more comfortable to wear with socks (I wear socks for anything over 10k to prevent hot spots on my feet)?

For a while, there was nothing. Nike Frees weren’t enough, New Balance Minimus shoes weren’t wide enough, and Luna Sandals, while comfy, aren’t a long-term solution for distance running for me.

And then I read about a new company from Portland, OR. Skora, designed by a runner for other minimalist runners, seemed the perfect solution. Zero heel drop, minimal cushioning, fantastic fit, cool designs…you could say I was in love.

After cyber stalking the company and then visiting their Portland HQ, they generously supplied me with a pair of Skora FORMs for my review.

They are awesome. So while I work on my second review after walking, working out in, and running 70+ road miles in my Skora FORMs, check out these cool fall styles.

Tyler HurstSkora Running Fall Styles

6 Comments on “Skora Running Fall Styles”

  1. Chris Butterworth

    Those look pretty good. I used Vibrams for about 2 years, including a 10-miler last Thanksgiving Day (also here in Phoenix!). But I switched to Luna Sandals this spring and have been LOVING them. I’m also anxiously awaiting my Invisible Shoes, which are scheduled to arrive today – yea! (the Luna’s are so nice, and a little on the expensive side, that I don’t like getting them wet. I’m hoping the Invisibles will become my water knock arounds..)

    You’ll have to give us a review of the Skoras after you have a few dozen miles on them..


    1. tdhurst

      I’m over 60 long-distance road miles in them now. Video review to come as soon as I get off my ass to do it.

      Spoiler alert – I really like them. Certainly enough to buy my own even though I have a review pair.

      I’ve only run in the Forms, though. Hope to get a pair of Bases very soon.

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