Jason Hope Doesn’t Want To Help, Is Probably A Scam Artist

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A few years ago, after reading a piece from AZDisruptors’ Local Tech Darling Jawa & Jason Hope a Big Scam?, I wrote on why I think Jason Hope of JAWA/Cylon was a scam artist. While I don’t know and have never met Jason Hope, his lauding by the City of Scottsdale and subsequent allegations of deliberately over-charging cell phone bills pissed me off.

I’ve already been offered money to take the post down, but now five years later, Hope’s cronies are back. For the past few weeks, my Jason Hope scam artist post has been showing some pretty strange link behavior.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.16.48 AM

In this first image, you can see new links being directed to my post. Links like these appear daily, with 5-10 ugly links like this every few hours. My post traffic went from less than one hit per day on all Jason Hope posts to nearly 500, with zero promotion or attention from my end.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.25.08 AM

I’m honestly not sure if Jason Hope is guilty of defrauding cell phone customers via adding unauthorized charges to their bills, but there’s nothing but shadiness behind a now months-long attempt to bury my and Hamid Shojaee’s scam accusations.

Oh, and yeah…go search for “Jason Hope scam” and let me know how well their link washing is going (pretty well, whoever Hope hired is really good).

Good link spammers are expensive. Maybe this is why Hope recently sold his unfinished home?

Hopefully the next time Scottsdale honors this guy, it’s to either celebrate his bankruptcy or his impending jail time. You seem a like a huge dick, Mr. Hope.

Tyler HurstJason Hope Doesn’t Want To Help, Is Probably A Scam Artist