How To Fail A TEDx Talk About Failure

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In March 2012, shortly before I was married, I accepted an invitation from Bob Diehl to give a TEDxPhoenixSalon talk in Phoenix. I was allowed to talk about anything I wanted.

I…didn’t do as well as I would have liked. I never felt comfortable, I went over time, I wasn’t funny or engaging, I was stressed out thinking about my upcoming nuptials. Or, rather, stressed out thinking about the toll having family and friends in town for a week would take on my need to work alone at home.

This is the first time I’ve shared this, to my recollection. I was so ashamed of my performance that I left immediately after speaking — it’s both customary and polite to watch the other speakers — and I’m not sure if I ever saw Diehl again to debrief.

I haven’t been invited to speak anywhere since and I quickly got rid of everything I wore in the video. Helluva way to cap nine years in AZ.

Tyler HurstHow To Fail A TEDx Talk About Failure