Congratulations to Carlton Cyder For Their ‘Cider Of The Year’ Award

Tyler HurstHipCider

While attending the annual Willamette Week Beer Guide release party to celebrate cider’s inclusion, yours truly chose quite the prominent seat to thumb through the guide.

Congratulations to the WWeek’s #1 cider of the year, Carlton Cyderworks Carry Nation! Plenty of ciders I dig placed well, including Lorrie’s Gold by Reverend Nat (drink at room temp for best experience) and the fantastic holiday combo of 2 Towns Ciderhouse Nice & Naughty (my first favorite cider) and Auld Lang Spice from Carlton Cyderworks (again, woohoo!).

Having recently — well, since HipCider the book was first published in June 2013 — better understood how to appreciate hopped cider (treat it like light beer, always keep it cold), I’m also happy to see Anthem Hops at #2.

Now, did I mention Carlton Cyderworks will be sampling Carry Nation, Citizen and Asian Pear this Sunday, February 9, from 5-7pm at Brooklyn House? Oh, because they are, and all will be paired with cheese. We may get a taste of the draft-only Slake, and if you’re quick enough, Bushwhacker Cider across the street may have Auld Lang Syne for purchase.

See you at #SecondSundayCider!

Copies of the Willamette Week Beer Guide are available wherever Willamette Week is, or online.

Tyler HurstCongratulations to Carlton Cyder For Their ‘Cider Of The Year’ Award